Finally A Website

1 minute read

I’ve had this domain for a few years now with a few different versions in an attempt to make a personal website, but generally I’ve been more interested in playing with Jekyll themes, trying to get the themes to play nice with the Github-Pages whitelist, and figuring out how to use Continuous Integration services like Travis-CI to get around the whitelist and directly push the static files on. As a result 80% of the time my site was broken, 19% of the time my site was a blank Jekyll theme with just my name and maybe a research interests byline, and 1% of the time my site actually had something. But no blog posts.

I think that’s changed now, since I’ve started using a service I actually like and is incredibly simple, called Netlify. It’s incredible the amount of headache I went through trying to write deployment bash scripts and Rakefiles that kept failing some basic tests in Travis, when on Netlify it’s literally a button you press and it just… does everything for you. (Your site still has to work.) Never again.

I’ve also committed myself to sticking with this theme (minimal-mistakes) and actually focus on producing content around my research interests and as an outlet for my thoughts on community organizing. I am applying to postdocs, jobs and other things now after all, as a PhD student at the finishing line. Let’s pray for that though.